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Cars That Look Stupid (to me)


I would never get caught driving one of these:

Reminds me of a jellybean (with wheels)

It's the car from Wacky Races

An origami car

Yeah, just remove the cannon

I think the Monty Python foot stepped on this car

YIKES!!!! Way to ruin a BMW


My, How Time Flies


Can it be? Has it been four months and I’ve done nothing here? No updates. No random thoughts. No random video posted? No nothing! Shame on me.

This was started because I had quite a bit of free time. I was unemployed, you see, and I was beyond frustrated and needed some sort of outlet I guess. By the way, my recommendation: Don’t quit your job if you have nothing lined-up.

Anyway, I managed to secure myself a job (yay!), move to my own place (double yay!) and needless to say my free time was not what it used to be.

Hence, I feel much more settled now and I believe I will have free time to post randomness from time to time. And it’s about time!


What’s Playing: Bill Handle 5am hour, KFI
Currently Reading: Traffic, Tom Vanderbilt
Likes: football season is right around the corner!, Blue Bell ice cream
Dislikes: my dog constantly scratching her ears (I can see another trip to the vet soon), going out in this heat (100+ degrees)



Check it out. The Subaru Baja.

it's a car - it's a truck

It’s the new Chevy El Camino!

it's a car - it's a truck

What do you think?


What’s Playing: Midnight Trucking podcast
Currently Reading: The Age of Gold, HW Brands
Likes: coffee, being able to sleep in if I want to
Dislikes: it’s cloudy and wet outside, having to make breakfast

I’m Breaking Up With You, Firefox


It’ s not me, it’s you. I used to love you so much, Firefox. We had some great times together, you and me. It just seems that ever since your last update, my computer keeps crashing. And freezing. And I keep having to reboot. I just can’t take it anymore. Thanks for the memories, you’ll always have a small place in my heart.


What’s Playing: Laura Ingraham show
Currently Reading: Age of Gold, HW Brands
Likes: my new job – it’s awesome!, the a/c has (finally) been turned on
Dislikes: people driving slow in the middle lane (get in the right lane!), feeling full

As Only a Brit Would Say…


From Stephen Fry’s “The Ode Less Travelled” (subtitle: Unlocking the Poet Within).

In the Foreword, he writes: “Behind it all, the dread memory of classrooms swollen into resentful silence while the English teacher invites us to ‘respond’ to a poem.”

No American would ever write a sentence like that. I love British writers.


What’s Playing: Adam Carolla podcast
Currently Reading: Espresso Tales, Alexander McCall Smith
Likes: Yugoslavian spinach bread, Bundesliga
Dislikes: my dog poking me in the arm while I’m trying to type

Grazing in the Grass


This is why I can’t leave the door open for the dog to come and go as she pleases. Now there’s grass inside and it’s everywhere.


What’s Playing: Madonna, Confessions on a Dancefloor
Currently Reading: All Too Human, George Stephanopoulos
Likes: fully loaded baked potato, the sunshine, Dr. Pepper
Dislikes: waiting for the phone to ring, vacuuming after the dog, nosebleeds



Texas is going to elect their governor this year. (I’m not going to bother mentioning who the Democrat candidates are – this is Texas after all.) Here are the choices in the Republican primary: Rick Perry (the incumbent) and Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX Senator).

Here’s the dilemma: Dick Cheney has endorsed KBH. Sarah Palin has endorsed Perry. What to do? Who should I vote for?! Oh, wait. I’m not a registered Republican. Never mind. (Whew.)


What’s Playing: Tegan and Sara
Currently Reading: All Too Human, George Stephanopoulos
my freshly cleaned bathroom, ability to renew library books online
Dislikes: carpentry work (I won’t elaborate), feeling hungry all the time

Willkommen, Bienvenido, Welcome!


First blog post is up. Yes, I am that bored. Yes, I have that much free time. Yes, I think people care about what I have to say. Er, actually. Scratch that last sentence.


What’s playing: Tim Conway, Jr. show (KFI)
Currently reading: 44 Scotland Street, Alexander McCall Smith
Likes: the sun is out today, the Olympics
Dislikes: it’s still kinda cold outside, got my Cobra bill for March in the mail today