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Yes, the “tough guy” on the very left is the same dude driving the car on the right.

Oh no.


What the?

Oh no!

When it comes to money, some of us have no shame.


Oh, Honey


Meghan McCain. I saw her on Bill O’Reilly promoting her book that’s out. She said that she thought of the title all by herself. Um… Meghan, I don’t think you came up with this all by your widdle self.

The title of her book is: Dirty Sexy Politics (ooooh, how edgy!)

Book Title

And here’s maaaybe where the idea came from?

TV show (Season 1)

Oh, honey. How original! (I ain’t buyin’ it.)

Shameless Plug, Courtesy of Parade Magazine


Check out the question about celebrities who went to Haiti for the relief effort—but not for any of the publicity they might get from going! Now check out the last sentence of the answer.

Hahaha! It’s like, “Oh and by the way…<name of celebrity’s new movie will be in select theaters this Friday>” I actually laughed out loud when I read that. Thanks for the reassurance, Parade magazine. You know what Parade magazine? You’re really lame, but you can be really funny.


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Jennifer Aniston Has the Best Publicist


If I ever needed a publicist I would hire Jennifer Aniston’s publicist. I haven’t done an exact count, but it seems like there is a Jennifer Aniston story, report, sighting, etc. every two days. “Jennifer Aniston is vacationing in <name of Caribbean island goes here>”, “Jennifer Aniston went to Starbucks” (and here is the photo for you to see what she was wearing, how her hair looked and what size drink she got) because it’s so damn interesting to you, isn’t it?! (Isn’t it though?)

She has no movie coming out*, no appearance on < name of talk show goes here>** but “here she is shopping in Santa Monica!” and “here’s the photo/video footage of her in a parking lot in Santa Monica.”

Jennifer Aniston, please go away. All I’m asking for is one week. One week that’s Jennifer Aniston free. Let someone else get a mention on Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight. Let someone else get a two page spread in People or US Weekly. How about one of those chicks on Grey’s Anatomy? Don’t be so selfish, JA’s publicist. That’s all.

*I just saw a preview for a movie that stars, guess who? Jennifer Aniston! (It looks awful, by the way.)
**Since Jennifer Aniston has a moving coming out fairly soon, guess who will be on several talk shows to promote it? <sigh>


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