My, How Time Flies

Can it be? Has it been four months and I’ve done nothing here? No updates. No random thoughts. No random video posted? No nothing! Shame on me.

This was started because I had quite a bit of free time. I was unemployed, you see, and I was beyond frustrated and needed some sort of outlet I guess. By the way, my recommendation: Don’t quit your job if you have nothing lined-up.

Anyway, I managed to secure myself a job (yay!), move to my own place (double yay!) and needless to say my free time was not what it used to be.

Hence, I feel much more settled now and I believe I will have free time to post randomness from time to time. And it’s about time!


What’s Playing: Bill Handle 5am hour, KFI
Currently Reading: Traffic, Tom Vanderbilt
Likes: football season is right around the corner!, Blue Bell ice cream
Dislikes: my dog constantly scratching her ears (I can see another trip to the vet soon), going out in this heat (100+ degrees)


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